Our work wouldn't be possible without the fantastic support of pupils' home schools. And as these relationships develop, we discover more and more amazing ways we can work together for the benefit of our young people. Below are some examples of how effective collaboration supports us all. A HUGE thank you to all of the schools mentioned below and to those who aren't!

Greenleaf School: excellent information-sharing

As soon as HHTS contacted Greenleaf about supporting one of their pupils, our staff were provided with medium-term plans which meant that they could deliver sessions which were relevant to the work happening in the classroom. This ensured maximum benefit for both the school and the pupil.

When an HHTS teacher popped into school to see if she could pick up a worksheet referred to in the plans, she was welcomed in and class teacher happily provided a range of resources and was happy to discuss working with the pupil.

School even set up Skype so that pupil could contact a group of friends during breaktime although this became unnecessary when pupil was able to return to school.

Outcome: fast transition back into school.

Connaught School for Girls: amazing collaborative planning

HHTS staff were able to liaise directly with the Assistant Headteacher at the school to draw up plans to support pupil’s reintegration after a long absence from school. Regular information-sharing meant that plans could quickly be reviewed and adapted and were responsive to the immediate needs of the child.

When HHTS staff worked with pupil on-site, they were supported to work flexibly around the pupil, using their initiative to identify the best learning spaces for the child. They were able to feedback directly to the Assistant Headteacher so that school were kept abreast of pupil’s needs.

Outcome: pupil was able to take steps toward full-time attendance at school.

Walthamstow School for Girls: great academic presence in school

An HHTS teacher collaborated with a student’s teacher in school to arrange for the student to submit work which would form part of a lesson in school. This would help student to maintain a link with school and feel part of the class. Any feedback provided would boost self-esteem and encourage contact between students.

Outcome: the student was too unwell at the last minute but an example of effective practice was established.

Brookfield House School: effective support for planning

School provided detailed information on pupil to ensure that HHTS staff could plan sessions around his established curriculum and targets. Useful information included: MAPP targets, EHCP and pen portrait. When a pupil on the ward was regularly referring to school, with parents’ permission we contacted his teacher and she was able to provide information about pupil’s class so that ward staff could chat with pupil about his time in school, providing a useful talking point as well as maintaining connection with school.

Outcome: HHTS planning driven by targets set by school.

Highams Park School: fantastic review of progress

School arranged for half-termly review meetings so that professionals could review pupil’s progress, respond to any issues that arose and plan effectively for the following half term. This ensured that pupil felt listened to and school were able to adapt plans to meet the needs of the pupil.

Outcome: pupil made significant academic progress and anxiety reduced.