Starlight Players

Starlight have provided some incredible entertainment on the ward, from pantomimes to fairy stories. The shows are always a lot of fun (Oh no they're not! Oh yes they are!).

Naughty Captain Hogwash

In November 2018 the Starlight Players performed Robinson Crusoe in the Acorn Ward Playroom - with just 4 actors! In the picture you can see Robinson Crusoe defeating naughty Captain Hogwash with the help of his friends.

The show was fantastic, with lots of singing, dancing and laughs aplenty. It didn't matter that our audience was small - the actors gave it their all and the children, their families and Whipps Cross staff loved it. At the end, the performers met with the children for photos, high fives and stickers and even visited a patient who didn't feel well enough to come and see the show.

We are very grateful to the brilliant team who performed the show and the amazing team at Starlight who deliver these great opportunities to our young people. And just to prove it...

Thank you picture

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