Mad Science

The labPyro Pete visited the ward on 24th May to generously present for us the Mad Science Up, Up and Away assembly. It was a great session of fun, laughs and learning.

WhirlpoolsPupils began by having to quickly transfer a liquid from one bottle to another. Because the bottles were attached, it wasn't as easy as they thought. Through experimentation they discovered that by swirling the liquid and creating a whirlpool effect, they could help the liquid to move more quickly through a hole.

Ping pong ballPupils then watched how Pete could keep a ping pong ball afloat using a hairdryer. When he introduced a leafblower, they experimented with whether the task could be scaled up...Ping pong ball 2

Pupils managed to float a beach ball (it almost reached the ceiling!) and Pyro Pete showed everyone how he'd look in a hurricane! (It was very funny!) Then, everyone covered Tracey in toilet paper, blasting it across the room with the leaf blower!

It was a great session that entertained young people of all ages. They couldn't wait to experiment with all of the equipment themselves and challenged each other to work faster, bigger, better. Everyone reported what a great session it was. Leaf blower

Loo roll

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