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Kazzum (www.kazzum.org) made their third trip to Acorn Ward in December 2016 to bring their wonderful, creative activities to young people in the schoolroom.

Immediately the schoolroom was the heart of festive cheer with all resources (from a roaring fire on the interactive whiteboard to Christmas music - both live and recorded - to the use of every last shiny object in the cupboards) utilised to bring a winter wonderland to life.

Pupils created some fantastic artworks both to take home and to decorate the ward. But perhaps the most rewarding aspect was the wonderful conversations that happened throughout the week. This incredible project reminds us every time that in order to fully realise our creativity we must feel completely safe and the amazing staff at Kazzum are exemplary in the way they support young people to completely be themselves.

A HUGE thank you to Kazzum for giving us all of this and more!

Christmas spirit with the children at Whipps Cross hospital. Big thanks to @BBCCiN for the support. pic.twitter.com/COsSec7UjF

— KAZZUM (@KazzumArts) 21 December 2016

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