Cross Curricular Week

26th June saw the beginning of our first teacher-led cross curricular week in which subject-based lessons were put aside so that pupils could take part in a week-long project. We wanted pupils to contribute to a film and display presenting information about the World Athletics Championships which will be held at the Olympic Park in August. The hope was that young people would be inspired by the achievements and dedication of athletes from around the world as well as developing teamwork, research and presentation skills.

Day 1

A quiet day on the ward but no less busy for it. The introduction and ending to the film were scripted and recorded and look incredibly professional. I wish teachers could take the credit for it but it was all pupil-led. Also the background for the display is on the walls. The race is on but will we make it to the finish line?

Day 2

A busy day of research and recording today. We have now collected facts about Hannah Cockcroft, Jonnie Peacock and Laura Muir and their stories are all incredibly inspiring.

Did you know that Jonnie Peacock set a 100m World Record in 2010? Or that he has won five gold medals in Paralympic sport? Did you know that Hannah Cockcroft has 3 World records in wheelchair racing? Did you know that Laura Muir was a nominee for the Daily Record young athlete of the year? Or that she wanted to be a vet when she was younger?

We can't wait to find out even more fascinating facts as the week goes on.

In the afternoon pupils used different techniques to create flags for competing countries. Look at the pictures below. Do you know which countries these flags belong to? Which of the techniques used would you use if you were making a flag?

Day 3

The display looks fabulous at the moment thanks to the hard work of everyone over these past three days and I can't believe that there are still two more days to go!

Young people on the ward are absolute experts in all things athletics now. We have new information on the display about Mo Farah, Kevin Mayer and Richard Browne and it looks amazing. Some more interesting facts for you:

- Richard Browne is a para athlete who hold world records for t44 100 and 200 metre sprints.

- Kevin Mayer has been a champion from a young age, winning a gold medal in the decathlon at the 2010 world junior championships.

- Mo Farah is the first athlete to win three long-distance doubles at successive World Championship and Olympic Games.

Also, I'm sure you saw that Mo won the 10,000 metres race on 28th June in his last race before the World Championships, giving everyone hope for another win at the World Championships.

Back to the ward, we now have athletes ready to start running on our display track! And a gold medal! Hopefully we'll add some pictures tomorrow. In the meantime, look at these young people hard at work...

Day 4

Another busy day of research and presentation...

We have another contribution towards our film (which the IAAAF have asked to see when it is complete!) and pupils researched Thomas Rohler who started competing in the javelin at the age of 7; Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor, a long distance runner whose personal best in the marathon is 2:06:12hrs and Almaz Ayana Eba who competes in 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 metres.

Students also made medals, drew athlete's bodies using photographs of the athletes to show their faces. Interestingly, some of the athletes also appear to look just like the nurses on the could that be? Have a look and see who you recognise...

Day 5

No slowing down for us today: it was all stations go to complete as much as we could so that our film and display were the best they could be. We have lots of sports personalities on our track and even more fascinating facts on our film which you should see a link to below. Here's a few more interesting details for you:

  • Usain Bolt is a great cricketer.
  • Usain Bolt has scoliosis - which is a curved spine - but he doesn't let it stop him when he's racing!
  • David Rudisha is the Olympic Champion and World Record holder in 800m.

Hopefully now everyone knows who they want to look out for during coverage of the event.

Today we looked more closely at the Championships so that we could advertise prices, events and key dates to look out for. I think I'll want to see the 100m finals on 6th and 7th August. What event will you be looking out for?

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