On the Ward


The schoolroom is a well-resourced space for all pupils.

Our fantastic teachers provide learning opportunities for children aged 4 - 16. School is a great way to keep pupils' minds off their illness and provides a sense of "normality" when everything else is different. Lessons are planned creatively to ensure that pupils of all ages and levels are engaged and able to learn. This requires staff to assess pupils early in the lesson through a combination of tasks and discussion so that they can adapt tasks to meet the needs of each child.

The schoolroom is well-equipped with a wide range of teaching resources for all age ranges. We have a range of technology which ensures that all pupils are able to engage with the learning no matter their physical impairment at the time of teaching.

Displays around the classroom and schoolroom corridor celebrate the work achieved by young people in the schoolroom and encourage others to learn from their discoveries.

Pupils who already have work provided by their own schools are also encouraged to join us as additional resources and support can be provided.

The schoolroom is open Monday to Friday from 9.15am - 12pm and 1.30pm to 3.30pm (1.15pm - 3pm on Fridays).

We have something for everyone in the schoolroom!


The Acorn Ward garden is yet another "safe" space in which young people and their families are able to enjoy some fresh air and stretch their legs.

The garden was recently refurbished by Timotay. This was funded by Barts Charity. It is now a wonderful sensory space in which all young people can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors.

There is a small area next to the schoolroom which is used for lessons: pupils have planted herbs and vegetables as well as experimenting to create irrigation systems and bug hotels. The herbs have even been used in food technology lessons, particularly when pupils made a delicious focaccia bread!


Some young people are unable to leave their bed or their room but that doesn't mean that they can't engage with HHTS. They will be visited by a member of staff who will be able to provide toys, activities and work at the bedside. When resources allow, teachers can even spend time with pupils in their rooms, ensuring that everyone gets the education to which they are entitled.

Education Centre

The Education Centre is well-resourced to support all young people.

For some young people, home teaching is not appropriate. They are unable to attend school but still need the routine of getting up and out and ready to learn. If this is the case, the Education Centre is often an alternative place for them to come for lessons.

Lessons at the HHTS office base can be one-to-one or in small groups of pupils working on the same areas of study.

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