Home Teaching

When a school or a medical professionals refers a young person for home teaching, they are visited by a member of the HHTS team who will explain what HHTS can offer and identify the best way for us to work together towards educational achievement and a return to school.

Once medical approval is given for home teaching, teachers will start lessons in the home or at a suitable alternative site. HHTS can provide, on average, three lessons each week which is, clearly, much less teacher time than the pupil would get at school but each lesson is planned around the individual child. Lessons are planned using HHTS teacher assessments, school targets and curriculum information, taking into account each individual pupil's medical and learning needs.

Where appropriate, pupils will also be set tasks to complete independently as well as being signposted to the Independent Learning section of this website. This allows pupils and families to identify tasks and websites that pupils can work on when they feel well enough to take on additional work. Teachers will indicate useful pages to pupils and families as well.

Teachers are also experimenting with using the learning platform Edmodo to give pupils opportunities to access additional learning and to submit work...

Home taught lessons are usually at:

8.45am - 10.15am

10.30am - 12pm

or 1.30pm - 3.30pm

It is important to note that there must be a second adult at home during all home taught lessons.

If you have any concerns about these times, please don't hesitate to discuss your needs with a member of HHTS staff.

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